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About Kottaram V Ramesh in a nutshell

Cyber Security Consultant & Management Expert

Academic Journey

Kottaram V Ramesh is a forward-thinking leader with a strong academic foundation, having graduated from PSG Institutions. Currently pursuing a Master’s in Advanced Technology Management at Bangkok University, he continues to enhance his expertise in cutting-edge technologies.

Professional Roles

As the Chief Vision Officer, at SkillsDA, Kottaram V Ramesh is a dynamic entrepreneur and visionary leader. His role extends to being the Founder and Managing Director of INGU’s Knowledge Academy, an esteemed cyber security training institution in India.

Expertise and Leadership

Renowned as a thought leader, Cyber Security Consultant, and Cyber Management Expert, Kottaram V Ramesh has significantly impacted the realms of Cyber Security, Management, and Entrepreneurship. His remarkable contributions have solidified his standing as a respected figure in the industry.

Winner of iDEX Open Challenge

SkillsDA under the leadership of Kottaram V Ramesh has bagged as winner in IDEX MHA 14C DISC 9 challenge 28. Thank youIDEX and DIO team for the opportunity . We continue to innovate and excel in providing an experiential learning platform towards improving capacity building for a cyber secure Bharat

The iDEX Open Challenge is an initiative of iDEX – DIO aimed at promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the defense sector

Defence India Start-up Challenge (DISC 9)

With the new age of digitization and growth in cyber technologies, Cyber security related threats and challenges are not limited to the digital world but have become a matter of National Security. Cyberspace is a continuously evolving technology area. Ministry of Defence, Government of India, strives to stay ahead of cutting-edge technologies and promote innovation and research & development in the Indian industry, in the cyber domain.

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Noteworthy Achievements and Affiliations

  • National Cyber Security Scholar
  • Speaker in over 100 institutions
  • Officially Nominated as Member of the Board of Studies for the Programmes
  •   B.Tech Information Technology offered in the Department of Information Science and Technology at CEG Campus
  • B.Tech Information Technology offered in the Department of Information Technology at MIT Campus
  • B.Tech Artificial Intelligence and Data Science offered in the Department of Information Technology at MIT Campus
  • Member of Madras Management Association
  • Founder and Director of INGU’s Knowledge Academy Pvt Ltd
  • Founder of SkillsDA Technology and Consultancy Services
  • Former Vice Chairman of India Thai Business Association, Bangkok
  • Former Advisor to the President of Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
  • Member of the Board of Studies (BOS) at Thiruvalluvar University
  • Member of the Academic Council at DG Vaishnav College
  • Member of Quality Management System (QMS) at DGV Institute

Founder, Managing Director and CVO

Area of Expertise

Cyber Security

Spearheading cutting-edge strategies, cybersecurity measures, safeguarding against evolving threats

Cyber Defense

Specializes in cyber defense, employing proactive approaches to fortify digital infrastructures

Imbibing knowledge to students

Imparting knowledge to students, fostering a generation well-equipped with skills for the dynamic digital landscape.

Industry academia connect

Bridging the gap between academia and industry, ensuring students are aligned with the evolving demands and trends in Job Market

Creating intelligent workforce

Creating an intelligent and adaptive workforce, empowering individuals

Towards National Security

Contributing to Capacity Building towards National Security for a cyber resilient Bharat. 

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